Institute for Vascular Closure

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Our goal is to provide healthcare professionals with multiple resources to help you better understand the benefits Cardiva products can offer to your patients. Our company has over 10 years of vascular access management innovation and our products have been tested in clinical trials and real-world settings.

5–7F Arterial & Venous Closure

VASCADE® VCS Deployment Technique
A Physician Perspective on VASCADE Vascular Closure System: Dr. Craig Walker
A Physician Perspective on the VASCADE Performance Guarantee: Dr. Barry Bertolet
A Physician Perspective on VASCADE: Dr. John Lipman
Learn More About Dr. Lipman
Doctor and Patient Perspectives on UFE: Lisa Rogers and Dr. John Lipman
A UFE Patient Journey: Lisa Rogers
A Business Leader Perspective on Value in Technology: Roger Owens

6-12F (15F max outer diameter) Venous Closure

VASCADE MVP® Procedure
VASCADE MVP® Procedure - Multi Vessel Closure Following AF Ablation Dr Rodney Horton
VASCADE MVP® Procedure - Multi Vessel Closure Following Cardiac Cryoablation Dr Suneet Mittal
VASCADE MVP® Procedure - WATCHMAN Access Site Closure Dr Suneet Mittal
Benefits of VASCADE MVP®: Patient, Physician and Nurse Perspectives